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Comfort Matters

Posted on October 12 2019

Comfort Matters

Lets talk about comfort! We’re not just about a look, we need to know that what we make is something comfortable for our customers! How we define comfort goes deeper than the feel of our product down to how you, the customer (and potential customer) feels about our brand.

So one of the things we strive to do is to listen to the needs, listen to the suggestions, and welcome all the input we can from people like you. Yes, we love that so many people love the style we put out there but what keeps people coming back goes deeper than a look. It hits them where it matters.

So when you find a brand, ask yourself this:

-Does the customer matter to them?

-Does the brand stand for something?

-Do they care about what I have to say?

That said, we invite you to reach out to us anytime & let us know what you think!