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Founded on 4/20/2019, Rock The Hemp apparel was created to fight the stigma of smoking through creativity & fun. 
Formed by an Army Veteran & His Wife, Rock The Hemp is here to proudly support the smoker lifestyle! We understand that this is more than just a trend, at this point, it's a lifestyle and we're hype about all of it!
We also want to make sure that people understand that our apparel exists to both show support and empower those who struggle day to day with mental, physical, and emotional challenges. There is a reason so many turn to smoking that goes deeper than just the high and we want to make sure that you understand how important that aspect is to us. Don't be ashamed of you struggle and don't be ashamed of embracing the lifestyle that gives your freedom from those pains! 


It's your life, do you & and look good doing it!